Faculty K-6

Kindergarten Team

Brittany Hawkins

Kindergarten Teacher

Every year I get to see the light bulb turn on in my students eyes as I unlock the magic of learning to read.

Courtney Taylor

Kindergarten Teacher

I completely fell in love with kindergarten. I’ve been teaching kindergarten for the last 4 years.

Jenni Wright

Kindergarten Teacher

 I love everything about Summit Academy, from the Administration and faculty, to the amazing students and their families.

Jenny Gonzalez

Jenny Gonzalez

Kindergarten TA

Annetta LaRue

Kindergarten TA

It’s been a joy to get to know each child. I’ve really enjoyed watching their love for learning.

Branton Swensen

Kindergarten TA

I love teaching children about the world around them and how we can appreciate it.

Charlotte Woolley

Kindergarten TA

I love reading thrillers and mystery novels, as well as sewing and embroidering anything when I have the time.

First Grade Team

Laura Giraldo

1st Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher

Hi I am very happy to belong to the Summit Academy family, this is my 3rd year teaching Spanish in first grade.

Lauren Ruth

1st Grade Teacher

 I also enjoy reading, watching movies, and traveling the world to experience cultures and going on adventures!

Kay Shewfelt

1st Grade Teacher

 I am passionate about teaching children and want them to love learning.

Sarah Longhurst Simmons

1st Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher

I love working with children and seeing their progress throughout the year.

Carol Caple

1st Grade TA

 I love the children so much that I had to be hands on with them all day.

Brittany Jacobson

1st Grade TA

My passion is teaching children and helping them to learn skills  they can use to help them be successful in life.

Kiah Jensen

1st Grade TA

I am a student at Western Governors University, working on my bachelors degree in elementary education.

Melanie Pedro

1st Grade TA Bilingual

Last year I worked as a substitute but I really liked this school and all the teachers and students that I decided to work here.

Second Grade Team

Elisabeth Kindmark

2nd Grade Teacher

I absolutely love teaching, especially here at Summit, where it feels like we are a family!

Tiffany Mills

2nd Grade Teacher

 My passion is teaching and helping kids learn they can be successful.

Sandra Salgado

2nd Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher

It is a great honor to be the 2nd grade teacher in the DLI program.

Lisa Webb

2nd Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher

 I love learning so much that I can spend hours researching, reading, and listening about many random topics that interest me.

Edith Castillo

2nd Grade TA Bilingual

I love to be at Summit Academy. I like to workout, hike, and spend time with my family.     

Kayla Briggs

Kayla Briggs

2nd Grade TA

Kailtyn Loosle

2nd Grade TA

 I love working with children and seeing them grow and learn.

Third Grade Team

Allie Duran

3rd Grade Teacher

It has been my passion to work with children and help motivate them to learn and grow for as long as I can remember!

Jaime Sevilla-Chavez

3rd Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher

I like to teach and motivate my students to always improve themselves.

Jennifer Curley

3rd Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher

I believe in meeting students where they are at whether they are high or low they all deserve to be challenged.

Jenni Hathaway

3rd Grade Teacher

The Summit family is amazing at supporting one another and encouraging everyone to continue learning and growing.

Floricel Blanco

3rd Grade TA Bilingual - Breakfast Service/Prep

 I love working here at our campus and being able to teach and watch the kids succeed.

Hailey Kidd

3rd Grade TA

I absolutely love working with these wonderful kids.

Ginette Shimaneck

3rd Grade TA

 I enjoy helping teachers and working with children.

Megan Sorensen

3rd Grade TA

I love teaching and helping students to understand new concepts, I love seeing them “get it” and building a rapport with them.

Fourth Grade Team

Kellie Clove

4th Grade Teacher

I believe that part of finding joy in life is exploring, experiencing, and learning new things.

Mariah Curtis

4th Grade Teacher

I love to learn so anytime an opportunity comes up to take classes I’m always in.  My goal is to pass this love of knowledge on to my students.

Kaci Mitterling

4th Grade Teacher

Just like the bison, I think it is important to never give up and to protect those around me.

Brandy Thompson

4th Grade TA

I love watching kids grow and learn and being able to assist them in that process.

Kenzie Walton

4th Grade TA

I feel like I have found my people, the staff is all so kind and I have loved getting to know all the students, my forever friends.

Fifth Grade Team

Amy Barlow

5th Grade Teacher

I love math and love teaching it to my students.

Kendra Knudsen

5th Grade Teacher

I have been teaching at Summit since 2019 and I love it!

Shannon Tatman

5th Grade Teacher

 This is my 10th year teaching and I love teaching ELA with all of our fantastic students!

Cameron Castelluccio

Cameron Castelluccio

5th Grade TA

Ronda Parker

5th Grade TA

I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to help support our amazing 5th and 6th grade teachers this year in an official capacity and truly enjoy spending time with the students.

Sixth Grade Team

Jennifer Johnson

6th Grade Teacher

One of my favorite parts of working for Summit for so many years is getting multiple students from the same families.

Kathleen Perkins

6th Grade Teacher

 I love teaching and enjoy working with students. It’s so much fun to see students get excited.

Jamie Guyaux

6th Grade TA

She loves anything outdoors and loves to play at recess with the kids.

Maddelynn Svedin

6th Grade TA

 I love the way Summit is structured and the role I get to play in the education of the kids I work with.

Specials Team

Jamie Greenwood

Art Teacher

I am passionate about both education and art—being an art teacher was my dream job for years.

Sharon Landis


I have a passion for books and love to read.  Being a librarian is the closest thing I can get to getting paid to read, which has always been a goal.

Heather Latimer

P.E. Teacher - Behavioral Tech

 I love working with the kiddos and have so much fun teaching games and activities that get the kids moving!

Special Education Team

Jody Jonas

Special Education K-3rd Grade

My passion within special education is teaching reading.

Shanelle Rasmussen

Special Education 5th Grade

 I have loved getting to know my most excellent 5th-grade students; seeing their progress and growth has been rewarding.

Sandi Toolson

Special Education 4th & 6th Grade

My favorite time is when the light goes on for a student that has been working so hard to understand a concept.