Pick Up / Drop Off

Here you will find general information about drop-off and pick-up procedures, walking / biking students, using our carpool loading line as well as visitor information.

Morning Drop Off

Students are to arrive no earlier than 7:50 a.m. (20 minutes prior to the start of school)

If your student will be eating breakfast at school, please note that breakfast services begin at 7:50 a.m. and students are to remain in the cafeteria seating area until they are finished eating. 


Students must be dropped off only in the designated loading zones. 

  • Follow the entrance and exit route on the map. (See route map)
  • Parents should queue up in one of the four designated loading lanes.
  • Students should have all materials (backpack, lunchbox, jacket etc.) ready to exit their vehicle as soon as it stops. 
  • Be sure to pull all the way up to cone 1 (or closest to the car in front of you) as this will help move traffic along and keep the line from backing up.

An attendant will be on site each morning to assist students with crossing the loading zone.

Loading Map


  • Follow the directions given by the crossing guard to the bike rack located behind the flagpole.
  • Students should bring their own lock to secure bike or scooter.
  • Lock bike to the bike rack.
  • Students can then enter through the main entrance doors.

Afternoon Pick Up

Students are to be picked up no more than 30 minutes after school ends. (3:30 p.m.). Students may only remain in the building longer if they are participating in supervised activities approved by Summit Academy administration. Please do not check your child out of school early after 3:00 p.m. The office staff’s primary duty at this time of day is preparing for students' safe dismissal.

Carpool Loading Line Pick Up

You must have a Summit Academy student visor card for the carpool loading line. If you do not have one, you may pick one up in the front office before loading preparation begins at 3:00 p.m. 

  • Have your Summit Academy student visor card displayed and visible in your vehicle front window.
  • Follow the entrance and exit rout on the map. (See route map)
  • Parents should queue up in one of the four designated loading lanes.
  • Wait for the rotation of cars to move out of the loading lanes before pulling forward. 
  • By staying in order, you will arrive at the assigned color zone.
  • If your child is not outside and ready to be picked up by the time you arrive at the designated color zone, you will be directed to move forward to the Overflow area near the crosswalk where a staff member will call for your child again.

Carpool Loading Map


  • Students will exit the building through the west gates and proceed down the sidewalk to 14400 South. 
  • Students are monitored while on school property.
  • Bluffdale City crossing guards are on site to assist students crossing streets.

Please be advised that the neighboring park is not school property and is therefore not monitored by the school.

Visiting our School

All visitors and volunteers must check in and out with the front office while school is in session. All visitors and volunteers must check into our front office prior to entering the school.  Visitors and volunteers will need to provide the office with a physical driver's license or other state or government issued ID featuring a name, photo, birthdate and ID number. A yellow sticker will be created with the visitor or volunteers name and entered in our Raptor Technology system with the destination, date and time of your visit. To ensure the safety of our students and staff, please be sure to bring appropriate identification before heading out of your home to visit our school. Any persons who cannot provide proper identification will not be permitted beyond the office doors.

If at any time a potential threat is identified at our school, Raptor Technology will notify administrators immediately and Bluffdale authorities will be contacted.