Faculty 7-8

Jr. High Team

Tyra Ah Kuoi

Jr High Math Teacher

I’m so excited to be here at Summit and teach kids all there is to know about my favorite subject – math!

Brantleigh Bannon

P.E. - Health Teacher

In my free time I enjoy coaching the boys and girls volleyball teams at Summit!

Theresa Botchway

Jr High Math Teacher

This is my first year at Summit, and I’m so excited to be here!

Tyson Bjazevich

Jr High Spanish Teacher

I really love teaching, seeing, and helping your child grow in the Spanish language.

Annie Clayton

Jr High English Teacher Math Lab - Yearbook

I love teaching and love Summit Academy!

Kim Dymock

Jr High English Teacher

 I am looking forward to a wonderful year ahead!

Julie Fox

Theater Teacher

 I have been teaching at Summit Academy for 8 years and I love the excitement and energy from all of my students.

Matt Fries

7th Grade Science Teacher

 I am proud to be one of the original teachers from the Independence junior high's opening back in 2015.

Ekaterina Fullmer

Jr High Art Teacher

 I love teaching art and completed my bachelor’s degree in Art Education at Utah State University.

Catelyn Gentry

Jr High Music Teacher

Catelyn enjoys helping young musicians through school teaching and private lessons.

Felipe Gonzalez

Jr High CCA - Digital Lit Teacher

 I’m in my second year as a teacher, something I never thought about doing, but now love so much.

Cole Hights

Cole Hights

Jr High Dean of Students - Photography - Hip Hop - StuCo Teacher

Wade Mantle

Jr High History Teacher

I started at Summit just after Independence Junior High’s inception.

David Martin

K-8 P.E. Teacher

I was an Assistant Strength Coach with the Washington Redskins, the Baltimore Ravens, the USA Bobsled Team.

Nina Patterson

Nina Patterson

Jr High Science Teacher

Christina Pehrson

Jr High German Immersion Teacher

I was an exchange student in high school and it has been part of my life ever since.

Tricia Prusse

Jr High Food-Sewing Teacher

This is my second year teaching foods and sewing.

Jesse Tucker

Jr High Lego Robotics - Broadcast Media Teacher - 504 Coordinator

Being a substitute is one of my favorite responsibilities, because it lets me get to know so many of our amazing students.

Debra Wallace

8th Grade English Teacher * Honors English - Fundamental English

My goal is to encourage students to become critical thinkers, compassionate world citizens and competent writers.  

Special Education Team

Jessica Barrus

Jr. High SpEd Teacher

 I love working in education and am looking forward to being a part of your child's life, here at Summit Academy.

Mindy Ockey

K-8 SpEd Teacher

I am lucky enough to work with both the elementary and junior high students in Support Services!