Principal's Message


Welcome to Summit Academy Independence!

I believe the first question people want answered about Summit Academy is what sets us apart from any other school. Let me answer that. Knowing very little about Summit Academy, I began as a teacher the year our first campus opened. I was hesitant to stand behind the name until I knew what Summit was all about. Eighteen years later, I not only stand behind it—I am dedicated to upholding its core values in action.

What sets Summit Academy apart is that every action taken, every program created, every decision made is rooted in ONE objective: to know and serve the individual. Our mission to provide a rigorous educational environment based on the principles of high academic achievement and specialized instruction for the benefit of all students. We work hard to specialize instruction for each student.


My favorite part of that specialization is the community we have here to truly KNOW each student. Our staff find genuine delight in knowing each child. We welcome you to visit.


Ms. Lisa Cutler, Principal

Summit Academy - Independence