Dress Code


The Summit Academy Board of Trustees has established general guidelines and standards for student dress and grooming. Student’s general appearance should be neat, clean, and not disruptive to the learning process. Students should wear clothing that is appropriately sized and correctly worn.


 Summit Academy Dress Code and Grooming Standards is intended to promote unity and school pride. Additionally, it lends itself to a less distracting learning environment.


General Guidelines

Shorts, Skorts, Skirts, and Jumpers/Dresses
Must be 4 inches above the top of the knee or longer and should not be athletic wear.

Students may wear appropriate jackets, hats, and gloves of their choosing to and from School.

Must be white or a solid color that matches the color of the uniform shirt being
worn. T-shirts with logos or lettering are not permitted.

Spirit Gear
Any officially sponsored Summit Academy shirt, sweatshirt, hat, beanie etc. must be worn with dress code bottoms.

Hats or any other head covering may not be worn inside the school building unless for a recognized religious purpose. Hoods that are part of any clothing item may not be worn while in the school building.

Bags or backpacks with controversial language, logos, writing or drawings are not permitted.

Make-up and Accessories
A modest amount of makeup accessories, and piercings may be worn. Tattoos are not permitted.

Extreme, bizarre, or distracting hair styles and excessive unnatural colors are not

Students attending Summit Academy are expected to adhere to the dress code during regular school hours while they are on school property. Students may wear Spirit Gear on Fridays along with dress code bottoms. Violations of the Dress Code Policy are subject to administrative intervention. Violators will be asked to meet dress code standards and/or be sent home if necessary. Repeat and subsequent violations of the Dress Code Policy will result in disciplinary action.