Paying for College

Don't let the cost of college stop you from going to college! 

There are numerous financial aid sources out there.  To be considered for financial aid — money given or loaned to you to help you pay for college — you have to apply. Applying for financial aid is like applying for admission to college, but they’re not the same thing. The financial aid application process usually has its own forms, deadlines and requirements — and you don’t have to wait to be admitted to a college before you apply for financial aid.  Financial aid comes in the form of grants, scholarships, loans and work-study jobs.


Over $120 billion in federal financial aid is awarded to U.S. students each year.  If you don't submit the FAFSA, you could be missing out on free money for college.  You must complete the FAFSA each year in order to apply for federal financial aid.  The FAFSA determines your eligibility for federal and state-based financial aid such as grants, work-study, and student loans.  You can complete your FAFSA at or use the official myStudentAid mobile app from Federal Student Aid.  

FAFSA is available October 1.  You should file the FAFSA as soon as you can your senior year (and each year you are in college).  

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Western Undergraduate  Exchange

Out of state college for almost instate tuition!

Western Undergraduate Exchange Program enables students from Utah to enroll at surrounding states as at an instate tuition plus half student.   There are over 160 participating public colleges and universities offering 150% or less tuition to students who are apart of this program. 

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