Concurrent Enrollment

Summit Academy High School encourages students to take the opportunity to take advanced courses. One option for students is concurrent enrollment classes. Concurrent enrollment classes are offered both on the high school campus and the campuses of Salt Lake Community College. Students may only register for concurrent enrollment classes for which they meet the prerequisites. These prerequisites are set by SLCC. Students enrolled in courses held on a SLCC campus may leave the SAHS campus to attend classes. A twice-daily bus is in place to shuttle students between the SAHS Campus and the SLCC Jordan Valley Campus. The grades earned in CE classes will be recorded on both a student’s high school and college transcripts. Students taking concurrent enrollment courses must abide by all policies of SLCC, including enrollment and registration for course. It is the student’s responsibility to know these policies. Students should be especially aware of SLCC grading policies and how grades earned in concurrent enrollment courses may affect a student’s future ability to qualify for federal financial aid.

**Please visit the  SLCC Concurrent Enrollment Website to provide greater understanding of the program.**