Support Service Team

Tony Ballard Tony Ballard

Tony Ballard

Support Service Teacher

Shar Erickson

Support Service Teacher

My favorite pass time is traveling and discovering the world.

Madeline Fuhriman Madeline Fuhriman

Madeline Fuhriman

Support Service Teacher

Juile Goold

Support Service Teacher

Teaching is one of my great loves.

Tara Hunsaker

Support Service - Department Chair

I enjoy working with students and watching them learn and succeed.

Bob Weinberger Bob Weinberger

Bob Weinberger

Counseling Team

Rebecca Kreiling Rebecca Kreiling

Rebecca Kreiling

Counselor 10th & 11th Grade

Jocelyn Staller Jocelyn Staller

Jocelyn Staller

Credit Recovery

Karina Saunders Karina Saunders

Karina Saunders

Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator

Kelcie Vance Kelcie Vance

Kelcie Vance

Counselor 9th & 12th Grade

Maintenance Team

Jesus Briceno

Jesus Briceno


Dan Provost

Dan Provost


Teacher Development Team

Maryn Hillman Maryn Hillman

Maryn Hillman

English Teacher - Instructional Coach

Food Service Team

Sonja Hosteen


 I enjoy working with both my kitchen staff, they are so supportive and make my job as a manager that much easier.

Kaiulani Michel

Kaiulani Michel


Joel Nagy Joel Nagy

Joel Nagy


Heidi Nissen Heidi Nissen

Heidi Nissen


Sharon Peckham

Sharon Peckham


Shanthi Senthilkumar

Shanthi Senthilkumar

Salad Bar