Welcome to SAHS!

Why Choose Summit Academy High School?

Finding the right school for your family is a big decision. There are many charter, private, and public schools to choose from, each offering benefits unique to their school. At Summit Academy High School, we focus on providing our students with a well-rounded academic experience and a wide variety of activities to help them excel in school and beyond. If you are interested in receiving more information about Summit Academy High School, please feel free to contact us at 801-495-3272.

Well-Rounded Academics

As a public school, Summit Academy High School teaches the standards and objectives of the Utah State Core Curriculum. However, we go beyond the state core minimums. We also teach students a body of knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines.

 At Summit Academy High School, the academic experience is enhanced by student involvement in athletics, leadership opportunities, the arts, and career exploration. 

College & Career Preparation

At Summit Academy High School, our college and career pathways help our students explore their options for higher education and/or profession. We focus on providing talent-based college and career readiness experiences, and ACT preparation.

 Our advanced placement courses and concurrent enrollment programs prepare students for college or give them the job skills that place them ahead of the competition. Counselors also assist students with scholarship research and application.  

Small Class Sizes

We focus on keeping our class sizes small to ensure our instructors can help each and every student. Many of our teachers have become true mentors and have positively influenced the lives of our students. Our teachers push students to set and reach challenging goals. 

As a smaller school, students have several opportunities to participate in a variety of programs. These opportunities allow for our students, many from diverse backgrounds, to come together and excel.

Competitive Athletics

Summit Academy High School is a member of the Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA) and offers competitive 3A athletics. Students may participate in Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Drill, Football, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball, and Wrestling.

 Since we have a smaller student body, many students are able to participate in multiple sports. For more information about our athletics programs, please visit our Athletics website.

Student-Driven Activities

Students can participate in a variety of activities including theatre, STEM, drill, leadership, music, debate, HOSA, and HOPE Squad.

Many of our activities are created due to student interest. We continually get feedback from our students to find out their interests, as well as look at career trends, so we can work toward offering the classes or programs that are most valuable to students now and in the future.

Student Accomplishments

From receiving full-ride scholarships to taking home Regional and State Championships in various sports and academic competitions, our Summit Academy High School students are dedicated in reaching their goals.

Our SAHS class of 2018 was awarded a total of $1,774,334 in scholarship money! To view a list of our high school student accomplishments, visit: https://sahs.summitacademyschools.org/apps/pages/student-recognition

School Performance

Utah law requires public schools to be given a letter grade based on student proficiency and growth on Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence tests (SAGE). However, students are not required to take the SAGE test and we have seen a decline in SAGE participation over the last few years. Without a 95% participation rate the score is automatically dropped one letter grade.

Currently, SAGE testing does not assess student involvement in extracurricular activities, student safety, availability of college and career ready curriculum/opportunities, college acceptance percentages, teacher/student relationships, leadership opportunities or how the students or parents feel about the school and teachers.

According to a recent survey we sent to our parents, of those who responded; 93% were satisfied/extremely satisfied with Academic Standards and Expectations; 94% were satisfied/extremely satisfied with the Quality of Teachers; and 97% were satisfied/extremely satisfied with Class Sizes at Summit Academy High School. As these responses are very encouraging, we continually look at ways we can improve our school and make it the best choice for you and your family.