Title Programs

Title I

The Purpose

Title I funds are Federal dollars aimed at increasing the reading and math achievement of students who are economically disadvantaged or who are eligible for assistance from the McKinney-Vento Act.  Title I schools use the supplemental resources to implement a school wide plan targeted toward the identified needs of the students and staff.  The programs and services provided are supplemental to the regular educational program, and may include items such as:

  • Additional professional development for teachers
  • Additional specialists and instructional assistants
  • Increasing the technology available to students
  • Reducing class size
  • Providing extended day/extended year educational opportunities to students
  • Title I Preschool (where space is available)
  • Extended Day Kindergarten
  • Providing early intervention services such outreach support to families
  • Enhancing parental involvement
  • Family Learning Centers
  • Removing the barriers to full participation in the educational program

Summit Title I Schools

Summit Academy Elementary Draper
1285 East 13200 South
Draper, Utah 84020
Phone: 801-572-4166

Summit Academy Jr. High Draper
1225 East 13200 South
Draper, Utah 84020
Phone: 801-572-9007

Summit Academy Independence1
5327 South 1000 West
Bluffdale, Utah 84065
Phone: 801-987-8733

Summit Academy Bluffdale
1940 West 14400 South
Bluffdale, Utah 84065
Phone: 801-254-9488

Summit Academy High School
14942 South 560 South
Bluffdale, Utah 84065
Phone: 801-495-3272

Highly Qualified Personnel

All personnel working in a Title I school must meet the criteria to be considered “highly qualified.”  For teachers, this means they must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree, full state certification and must have passed a competency test in their areas of instruction.  

Instructional assistants must have a minimum of two years of college or pass a competency exam in Language Arts and Math.

Parents have the right to know the educational background and status of their child’s teacher and the school must inform them in writing if their child's teacher has not met the criteria to be “highly qualified."

Parent Involvement

Summit Academy and Summit Academy High School regard parental engagement vital to the academic success of students. Parents are the initial teachers of their children and serve as partners with the district in helping their children achieve academic success.

Title I schools make an extra effort to involve parents in the education of their children.  In addition to Summit Academy's Parent and Family Engagement Policy. Each school belongs to the National Network of Partnership Schools, which provides training and support to involve parents in six key areas.

Additional Parent Involvement

  • Teacher and Paraprofessional Qualifications
  • Non-Highly Qualified Teachers
  • School Progress (such as RISE scores)
  • Annual School Report Cards with all subgroup data
  • Individual Student Progress
  • Title I School-wide Plan
  • Opportunities for Students Experiencing Homelessness
  • Programs/support available for English Language Learners
  • Schools Identified for School Improvement
  • Schools Identified for Supplemental Educational Services
  • Safe and Drug Free School issues
  • How to resolve concerns
  • Written School Parental Involvement Policy
  • National Family Partnership Plan
  • Annual review of policies and plans
  • Use of funds set aside for Parent Involvement
  • Written School-Parent Compact (review and update yearly)
  • Discussed with parents at Parent -Teacher Conferences
  • Development of Schoolwide Plan and Program
  • Assist in development, administration and interpretation of a needs assessment
  • Address required Title I components in the plan
  • Review data results and revise plans as needed
  • School Improvement Plans
  • Consolidated Application for all Title Programs
  • Implementation and progress of programs
  • District Parent Involvement Policy (reviewed/revised annually)
  • Use of funds set aside for parental involvement
  • Process to resolve concerns
  • Title I Monitoring for program compliance

Compliance and Dispute Resolution

This office ensures compliance with all federal and state requirements, provides professional development and coaching to teachers and works collaboratively with the school to support parental involvement and increased student achievement.  If a patron has a concern which cannot be addressed at the local school, they are invited to contact Wendy Dau, Director, at (801) 826-7511.

In accordance with Federal requirements, the Utah State Office of Education (USBE) also provides a complaint procedure to address concerns, complaints and alleged discrimination or violations of federal regulations concerning Title I programs.  It is the commitment of the USBE to resolve complaints with fairness to all parties, quickly, efficiently, and, to the extent possible, at the local level.

Individuals without internet access may contact the Utah State Board of Education (801) 538-7500