Inclement Weather

The decision to close the school will be based primarily on the condition of the roads or other weather conditions that would jeopardize the safety of students and staff.  Even when weather conditions are bad, every effort will be made to keep the school open.  On occasion, severe weather or other factors may force a late start or school closure.  

There will be NO announcement made if the school will open as scheduled.  In most cases the decision to start late or close the school won’t be made until the morning of the closure.  Parents and employees should listen to designated radio and television stations for school closure information between the hours of 6- 8 am or check the school website for banner announcements.

School Administration makes the decision based upon current weather and road conditions, weather forecasts and conferring with the National Weather Service (NWS). 

Information on school closure or delayed start will come via our phone messaging system and posted on our website.  In general, this information will be posted between 6:30-7 am at

When the decision to have a delayed start or to close the school has been finalized, Administration contacts the local media.  

Tune in to the following recommended radio and television stations for school closing announcements:

  1. Radio Stations
    • All Utah radio stations participate in the Emergency Alert System (EAS)
    • KSL radio serves as a Primary EAS station
  2. Television Stations 
    • KSL – Channel 5
    • KUTV – Channel 2
    • KTVX – Channel 4

If a decision is made for the school to remain open, parents/guardians have the option to keep their children home for health and safety reasons.  Parents/guardians are ultimately responsible for making this decision.   If you decide to keep your child home in any situation, including inclement weather, you should call the school to report your child’s absence. 

Under normal circumstances when a school closure has been announced, the school would not be properly staffed to provide care for children who arrive when the school buildings are closed.  The school staff would contact parents to pick up their children.

Summit Academy tries to avoid unexpected early dismissals.  However on occasion, early dismissal is unavoidable.  Parents should make prior arrangements for supervision of their children.  It is important for the school to be able to reach parents and designated childcare providers during daytime hours. Please make sure the school has accurate telephone numbers and emergency contact information. 

When it is necessary to dismiss children during the regular school day, the school will contact local media and provide as much advance notice as possible.  If weather conditions worsen and the school remains open, parents may choose to pick up their children early after informing school staff.

The decision to hold recess during poor weather conditions, including extreme cold, is made by the school Principal.  Children should always wear appropriate cold weather outerwear, including winter coats, hats, gloves or mittens, and boots during winter months.

Any student with a health concern that requires them to stay indoors during recess should provide a written notice to the school.  We will make every effort to accommodate the student’s needs.

Summit Academy’s uses the recommendations from the State Department of Education’s air quality guidelines which coincide with the Utah Department of Health Guidelines.  Frequent readings are taken and will be used in our recess decisions. Our teachers will be made aware of the conditions and will plan their recess activities accordingly. Due to the fact that air conditions change often during the day, we will get hourly readings as needed and make the decision immediately prior to recess.