Enrollment FAQ

Each year, Summit Academy holds an open enrollment, year round. January 1 till the fourth week in February Summit Academy will be conducting an Enrollment Lottery with the intent to welcome new students to each various campus.

Please see Enrollment Policy for more details. 

Summit Academy is a public charter school and part of the State of Utah public education system. It must be open to all students, without discrimination. Public schools may not discriminate on any basis. If the number of applicants exceeds the capacity of the school or its' programs, classes or grade levels, then those to be admitted are chosen at random in a lottery process for enrollment.

Charter Schools are required by state law to have a lottery if they have more applicants than spots available. Summit Academy holds an annual open enrollment period every year. Applications turned in during our annual open enrollment dates are put through the lottery process. Applications are completed through a software service to randomly assign each new student applicant a priority number for the selection process. This helps ensure that the selection process is open and fair to all applicants.

No. Anyone is welcome to apply at any campus, and we do not have school boundaries.

Prospective students/parents must fill out and submit a lottery application to be considered for enrollment. Applications are available on our school website under the enrollment tab or available with help through the front office. Once you have completed your application, you will receive written confirmation on your student’s lottery submission.

Our enrollment lottery opens to the public January 1st and will close the 3rd Friday in February. An Open House will be available sometime during the middle of this time for potential students and families to come tour our campus, meet our administration and ask questions. The date of the open house will be announced on our website, Facebook and/or Instagram page in early January. It is not necessary to attend the open house in order to apply for the lottery. However, the open house is highly recommended.

Your child's chances of getting accepted are based on the number of applications we receive, the number of openings we have and the number of people who accept or decline our offer of enrollment for the academic school year. These numbers can fluctuate, so we are unable to accurately predict your child's chance of being accepted into our campus. Unfortunately, there is no way to improve your child's chance of being accepted. We must use the lottery wait list to invite new students in the order of the priority number placement for the grade level listed.

Yes. Applications do not carry over from year to year. If you were not invited to attend Summit Academy or any of our sister campuses one year, you will need to apply for subsequent years in order to be in the lottery.

We begin inviting students by written acceptance notification in mid-March for the following school year. This process continues throughout the spring and summer months when openings may become available with the potential of going into early August. If your child is accepted, you will receive an email notifying you of your child’s acceptance into our campus along with instructions for registration and documentation needed to complete the process. You will have 10 days to complete your registration acceptance before the system automatically declines your offer and moving onto the next lottery name on the list.

No. Because those numbers too often fluctuate as we prepare for the next year, we don't tell applicants that they haven't been invited when there is a possible chance they may be invited at a later date in the coming weeks or months. As a reminder, we will continue to pull names weekly from our lottery throughout the spring and summer months when openings become available and occasionally into the first few weeks of August.

If one of your children has received an email acceptance into our campus, please notify the front office, complete their online registration and turn in the required documentation for them as soon as possible. We will try our best in keeping all siblings together once one registration has been completed and accepted.

No. Once your child is enrolled, they are in the school until they finish at Summit Academy. You will only need to complete your students online Intent to Return each following year through your parent account.

Yes. Preferences fall in this order:

  1. Siblings for consideration
  2. Children of current full-time employees
  3. Inter Campus Transfer Requests
  4. Standard Applicants

No. State law does not allow for a student to be enrolled in two public schools at the same time. You may apply to go to another school and still be enrolled in your home base school, but if you are accepted by another public school you must withdraw from the school where your child is currently enrolled.

No. We are a publicly funded Charter School, so we may not charge tuition or fees. The SPO (Student Parent Organization) may ask for donations, conduct fundraisers or activities for the school. Parent involvement is crucial for a child’s education and your child’s teacher will really appreciate having some volunteers around as well. Even if you work during the day, you can find evening activities where you can give your time however, patron and parent volunteering are not required to participate in any school activities.

Yes. Students are required to wear a school uniform. For a detailed and complete list of uniform requirements, please see the Dress Code Policy.