Shuttle Schedule

Shuttle Schedule

Summit Academy Shuttle Program

Summit Academy is dedicated to the safety of all students and strives to provide the means for students to travel from campus to campus, our shuttle system picks up students from different school locations and transports within the district campus.

School buses and cars are the most common modes of transport for children to go to school. In the past, children walked and cycled in groups. At present, children doing the same thing are a rarity, especially in urban areas.

Summit Academy is proud to offer students busing to get between campuses in the mornings and afternoons Monday-Thursday. Many families find this a convenient way to accommodate students attending separate campuses. Please see the attached schedule for times and locations. Please also see the attached list of the expectations for students who choose the ride the bus. The following are important reminders for parents and students:

  • Students are expected to be at the bus stop at the correct time. The bus cannot wait for
    students who are late.
  • There are no shuttle buses on Friday afternoons.
  • There are two bus routes, please remind your students to check for the correct bus. If they are unsure, encourage them to ask the driver. Please note there is only one route from the Bluffdale Campus.
  • All students on the bus need to follow the expectations to ensure that everyone has a safe
    and comfortable ride.

Summit Academy has 6 buses in its fleet and will continue to grow with our program.

Expectations for students on buses

Questions? Contact our Director of Transportation and Safety, Scott Pettit: