High School Philosphy

9th-12th Grade


Well-Rounded Programs
The school maintains that the academic experience is enhanced by student involvement in athletics, leadership opportunities, the arts, and immersion in technology and career exploration. SAHS supports and fosters a program with a diverse set of well-rounded programs while recognizing that core academic subjects are the basis of the school and individual programs exist to support and enhance that key focus.

Scholar Program
The school recognizes that students have different academic needs as they prepare for college. Distinct academic pathways will be offered for course planning and goal setting. The tracks have been developed to meet university standards.

  • Concurrent Enrollment
  • Advanced Placement
  • University Placement

Road Map

Academic coaches help students assess academic and extracurricular activities and help facilitate additional opportunities such as internships, shadowing, apprenticing and volunteering.

Coaches coordinate interactions with the professional world and recommend skills and placement evaluations designed to help guide and determine interests and strengths. In addition, distance learning and concurrent enrollment classes are coordinated.

Summit Academy High School recognizes that individual students process information differently and that learner types and learning styles vary between students and are constantly evolving. The school also recognizes that the ability to process information in various styles and from diverse sources is a vital skill affecting success in any academic program.

With this in mind, staff members at SAHS receive regular professional development opportunities with an emphasis on instruction that diversifies information delivery to differentiate learning styles and learner types.

University Tracker

The University Tracker is a program that is unique to Summit Academy High School. Recognizing a university experience as the end goal of the high school program, students will begin tracking their path to graduation and college acceptance in the first weeks at SAHS.

The program requires students to target colleges and universities of their choice as goals for graduation and then plot a roadmap which includes a specific understanding of admission standards, including G.P.A., standardized testing requirements, extracurricular requirements, and other ideals as outlined by individual programs. Students will then begin a regular quarterly assessment with their faculty coach to determine if they are meeting and exceeding benchmarks that are indicative of success.

The Tracker will include application deadlines, enrollment averages, and individual criteria unique to the institutions they plan to attend. In addition, the Tracker will allow students the opportunity to track individual classes on a monthly basis to assure daily work in individual classrooms and programs is consistent with end-goals for college admission.


The school will utilize technology extensively to support the curriculum, programs and goals of the school. The school's intent is to ensure all students are technologically literate before graduation.