Registration / Graduation

Your 7th and 8th grade students will be able to indicate course preferences. Every effort will be made to enroll your student in his or her first priority classes. Class selection forms and class change request forms are below:

To graduate from Summit Academy High School you will need to complete the following: 26 credits earned.

Geography for Life (0.5)

World Civilization

US History

US Government (0.5)

SS Elective (0.5)

 Secondary Math 1

Secondary Math 2

Secondary Math 3

Advanced Math

Earth Systems



Advanced Science

*Participation Skills & Technique (0.5)

Lifetime Fitness (0.5)

Health (0.5)

*PE Elective (0.5)

(*Sports may cover .5 credit) 

 Fine Arts (many options) one must include a musical or theater type 

 Digital Business Application  

Web Development

Currently offering ASL & Spanish 

Graduation = 26 credits

Electives (3.0 total credits) 

Electives (many options)