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Home Room Parent Guide

Thank you for volunteering to be a valuable resource to your child’s teacher. This guide is a starting point for you to get organized in your role during the school year. Your final list of responsibilities should be determined between you and your child’s teacher, so please schedule a meeting with them as soon as possible.

Getting Organized

Meet with your teacher as soon as possible. Bring your calendar!

  • Determine important dates for parties or special events.
  • Obtain a complete class list, including any children with allergies. Keep your list current during the year. Remember this list contains confidential information.
  • Understand your teacher’s expectations for your involvement in the classroom.

Getting Started

Communicate with students’ parents as soon as possible and throughout the year according to calendared activities.

  • Send an email to introduce yourself and provide your contact information.
  • Volunteer opportunities: Request parents to fill those areas where you will need help to fulfill your teacher’s expectations.  Getting parents involved will be key to your success. Be direct in your communications regarding the need for parent involvement in determining the success of their child’s school experience.
  • Dates of special events

Areas of Responsibility

This is a list to be used as a starting point of communication with your teacher. Work with your teacher to determine his/her final expectations for your classroom involvement.

  • Class party organization
  • Bulletin board decoration
  • Yearbook compilation
  • Making copies
  • Book orders
  • LA/Math class helpers
  • Teacher Appreciation Week (SPO committee communication): Door decorating, teacher gifts from students/parents

Additional Resources

Use these as ideas and direction to how you can assist your teacher

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