Suport Staff

Counseling Team

Jessi Bodell

Elementary Counselor

I am so excited to be part of the Summit family!

Carlysa Openshaw Burrows Carlysa Openshaw Burrows

Carlysa Openshaw Burrows

Jr High Counselor

Jessie Swider

Social Worker

Working with students and  teachers  to achieve both academic and emotional growth  is what keeps me coming to work every day.

Support Staff

Missy Brunisholz

5th Grade TA - Librarian

I am in my dream job as a Librarian. I am a book dragon!

Marsha Davidson

ELL Interventionist

I love working with children with diverse cultures and languages.

Ann-Marie Proctor

504 Coordinator

I am a former English teacher and a licensed school counselor who has worked in both middle and high schools.

Aspen Helsten Aspen Helsten

Aspen Helsten

Behavior Tech

Tasha Jensen

Tasha Jensen

Behavior Tech

Facilities Team

Tanner Polatis Tanner Polatis

Tanner Polatis


Jeff Wilcox

Jeff Wilcox


Food Service Team

Kris Bednarik

Kris Bednarik


Erika Burden Erika Burden

Erika Burden


Ji Young Chun

Ji Young Chun


Steve Delgado Steve Delgado

Steve Delgado


Ambra Gardner

Ambra Gardner


Roberta Hatch Roberta Hatch

Roberta Hatch

Salad Bar

Joe Story Joe Story

Joe Story


Cindy Simmons Cindy Simmons

Cindy Simmons

Salad Bar

Cindee Sommer Cindee Sommer

Cindee Sommer


Jennifer Wooton Jennifer Wooton

Jennifer Wooton


Mollie Wyland Mollie Wyland

Mollie Wyland


Instructional Coaching Team

Alana Johnson

Instructional Coach

Alana Johnson has been a member of the Summit Academy learning community since 2008.

Melanie Kunz Melanie Kunz

Melanie Kunz

Instructional Coach

Intervention Team

Rebecca Yockey


I'm excited to work with students and see them grow.