Faculty K-5

Kindergarten Team

Tiana McEwen

Kindergarten Teacher

I'm so excited to get to know your students and go on this fun learning adventure together. 

Cami Talbot

Kindergarten Teacher

I fell in love with Summit Academy as a parent and have been impressed to see the school from the perspective of an employee. I’m thrilled to return to teaching my own class this year.

Hannah Wallace

Kindergarten Teacher

I am very excited to get to know your students and look forward to being part of their educational experience!

Kimberly Applegate Kimberly Applegate

Kimberly Applegate

Kindergarten TA

Annie Cook Annie Cook

Annie Cook

Kindergarten TA

Kelly Zollo Kelly Zollo

Kelly Zollo

Kindergarten TA

First Grade Team

Stephanie Burnside

1st Grade Teacher

My kids have attended Summit Academy, and I feel lucky to be a teacher here!!

McClain King McClain King

McClain King

1st Grade Teacher

Heather Stolworthy Heather Stolworthy

Heather Stolworthy

1st Grade Teacher

Diana Honarvar

Diana Honarvar

1st Grade TA

Tammy Jenkins Tammy Jenkins

Tammy Jenkins

1st Grade TA

Amber Horton Amber Horton

Amber Horton


Second Grade Team

Janacay Deen

2nd Grade Teacher

We are going to have a fun year full of learning. I am looking forward to a great year with all your children.

Kat Jewell Kat Jewell

Kat Jewell

2nd Grade Teacher

Samantha Pickard

2nd Grade Teacher

This is my first year at Summit Academy

Trealee Davies Trealee Davies

Trealee Davies

2nd Grade TA

Aakshi Walia Aakshi Walia

Aakshi Walia


Third Grade Team

Kim Evans

3rd Grade Teacher

I've been teaching at Summit since 2015

Jackie Liljenquist

3rd Grade Teacher

Welcome to the Fall season at Summit Academy.

Jamie Whimple Jamie Whimple

Jamie Whimple

3rd Grade Teacher

Cierra Caskey

Cierra Caskey

3rd Grade TA

Emily Ervin Emily Ervin

Emily Ervin


Fourth Grade Team

Lexie Evans

4th Grade Teacher

Welcome to fourth grade! I am excited to teach your students this year. I have been teaching for 10 years. I love reading, being outdoors, and playing sports.  

Emily Fox

4th Grade Teacher

 I love the community Summit has created!

Emmalee Perry

4th Grade Teacher

I have dreamed of being a teacher since I was 8 years old.

Chantay Gee Chantay Gee

Chantay Gee

4th Grade TA

Star Cook Star Cook

Star Cook


Fifth Grade Team

Alessia Johnson Alessia Johnson

Alessia Johnson

5th Grade Teacher

Tanika Rice

5th Grade Teacher

I am excited to get to know your students and have a wonderful 23-24 school year

Mike Scoville Mike Scoville

Mike Scoville

5th Grade Teacher

Nora Munkhtaivan Nora Munkhtaivan

Nora Munkhtaivan

5th Grade TA

Missy Brunisholz

5th Grade TA - Librarian

I am in my dream job as a Librarian. I am a book dragon!

Abby Dilley Abby Dilley

Abby Dilley


Additional TA Staff

Dakota Kidd Dakota Kidd

Dakota Kidd

4th Grade TA

Chantay Gee Chantay Gee

Chantay Gee

4th Grade TA

Special Education Team

Danielle Alsop Danielle Alsop

Danielle Alsop

Child Development

Liesel Bailey

Support Service Sub

 I love helping kids learn and find wonder in everything they do.

Megan Bouck

Support Service Para

 I love working with our students!

Callisa Candalot Callisa Candalot

Callisa Candalot

BCBA Intern

Christa Eskelson Christa Eskelson

Christa Eskelson

Support Service Behavior Tech

Ashley Glad Ashley Glad

Ashley Glad

Elementary Support Service Teacher

Wendy Hadden Wendy Hadden

Wendy Hadden

Support Service Assistant

Taegan Hancock Taegan Hancock

Taegan Hancock

Elementary Behavior Tech

Jennifer Krynen Jennifer Krynen

Jennifer Krynen

Support Service Para

Ashlie Lyman Ashlie Lyman

Ashlie Lyman

Support Service Para

Gayle Petersen

Elementary Support Service

I'm so happy to be a part of Summit Academy!

Bailey Sieverts Bailey Sieverts

Bailey Sieverts

Support Service Para