"Summit Academy is structured differently than from the public schools my students have attended the past three years. Summit Academy offers students ability-level grouping so my son and two daughters are able to take classes at their level. My kids have been bored and frustrated in the public school system. They enjoy being taught on their level instead of waiting for the entire class to catch up. Also, students that are struggling and need a slower pace have classes designed for them. I couldn't be happier at Summit Academy and I feel like we finally found the school that fits our family's needs." – Parent, Summit Academy Draper, greatschools.org

"Five Star School! My children have attended neighborhood public schools, a private school, and Summit. I can say from experiencing it all, Summit is the BEST! The teachers, curriculum, administration, and staff are all the best! Top notch!"Parent, Summit Academy Draper, greatschools.org


"I went to a private school for nine years, and it was very challenging. The first private school I went to was good, but it was too expensive. The next private school focused more on education than interests. Summit Academy focuses on academics and interests. I am challenged at this school (it is not too easy or too hard). The teachers always want us to get the best grades, and they are always there to help us. It is not difficult to fit in because there are many students who have similar interests! The school is also college preparatory, and it helps students reach their goals!" – Student, Summit Academy Draper, greatschools.org


"Our second year at Summit HS has been excellent! Small class sizes and athletic opportunities!!!! Scholarships and excellent team and school spirit. Accreditation with SLCC so my daughter can graduate with an associates college degree!!!!" Jenny Foster, Parent, Summit Academy High School, Google Review


"Excellent school. Small classes and great administration." Michelle T., Summit Academy High School, Google Review

"Excellent teachers. Solid curriculum. Organized and respectful communication. It's a college-prep environment, but not to an extreme. Our teen really enjoys going to this school." – Parent, Summit Academy High School, greatschools.org


"Best Staff. Best teachers..caring..and my child is already doing much better." – Jerry Miles, Parent, Summit Academy Bluffdale, Google Review


"Love this school! The teachers are awesome I love the office staff and the principal goes above and beyond to help her students." Suzie Bailey, Parent, Summit Academy Independence, Google Review


"Summit Academy has by far the most AMAZING principal and staff! You would only be lucky to find a principal like Mrs. Cutler, and a VP like Mrs. Brantley! What a difference going from public school to a charter school! My son went from being below average to top of his class in one year. Not only was that from his hard work, but his incredible teachers. We are truly grateful!" – Nikki Bath, Parent, Summit Academy Independence, Google Review

"We love this school so much. Our daughter is in the German immersion program and has learned so much. The front office is so helpful and a sense of community is felt throughout the whole school. If you are looking for a great school for you children I would highly recommend it!!!" – Christy Toala, Parent, Summit Academy Independence, Google review

"We absolutely love Summit Academy! Our Kindergartener comes home each day so excited about his activities, learning, friends and teacher. Each day we look through his folder and can see all that he has learned that day. The education is excellent and I would recommend trying to get in to any of my friends or family. We were so lucky to be accepted and I am thankful my son has the opportunity to have the great education this school offers." – Ashley Magee, Parent, Summit Academy Independence Campus, Facebook Review

"We just moved from out of state and we love Summit Academy! My 3 children have adjusted so well and love going to school in the mornings. The staff is so friendly and caring. We are so happy to be part of this school!" – Wendy Godfrey Anderson, Parent, Summit Academy Independence Campus, Facebook Review

"Excellent quality education and wonderful, caring staff." – Rachel 'Littler' Benedick, Parent, Summit Academy Independence Campus, Facebook Review