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About Us » Benefits of School Uniforms

Benefits of School Uniforms

At Summit Academy Schools, we feel that school uniforms positively impact our students and their parents by breaking down barriers in learning and social interaction, reducing on-campus violence and bullying, and creating a unified school experience.


Below are seven reasons why we feel school uniforms benefit our students, their families, and our teachers in creating a positive learning environment:


  1. Reduces distractions

Uniforms help remove distractions in the classroom by creating common ground for everyone; students can focus on their academics rather than on what they and others are wearing.

  1. Improves community and school spirit

Students wearing clothing in school colors with the school mascot creates a unified community, reduces competition among students, and improves school spirit.

  1. Helps prevent bullying

Many students feel pressure to wear stylish clothes to school. And, parents often feel the economic pressure to provide their children with clothing that reflects the most current fashion trends. Therefore, students who do not wear the latest and greatest, may feel left out, criticized, or even bullied by their peers. School uniforms reduce economic and social barriers between students that often leads to bullying.

  1. Prevents on-campus violence

Clothing that displays any form of vulgarity or gang reference encourages hostility, which sidetracks students from their education and positively participating in school activities. School uniforms eliminate inappropriate clothing from entering the learning environment and provides administrators a way to identify unwelcomed visitors on campus.

  1. Streamlines morning routines

Mornings are hectic enough without having to decide what to wear. Schools with a school uniform policy, have students who can get ready for school quickly and have time to eat breakfast and organize for a successful day.

  1. Lowers clothing costs

Buying the latest clothing trends to prepare their children for school, parents spend an average of $231 per child, per year (National Retail Federation). However, the average cost of school uniforms per child, per year, was $150 or less (National Association of Elementary School Principals).

  1. Encourages other ways to express oneself

Because self-expression is important to us, and we want to encourage ways students can appropriately demonstrate their identity, uniforms inspire students to express themselves through their personality and achievements rather than by what they wear.


For more information about school uniforms, see the following web pages:


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