Our Story

In the fall of 2003, a small group of parents from Draper came together to build a charter school that would provide quality education emphasizing strong academic training, dynamic student-teacher interaction, and the discovery of each student's unique talents and interests.
Those founders got their wish when the first Summit Academy charter school opened in 2004 for grades K-6.  As the school experienced rapid growth, the founders saw a need to continue serving those students throughout their education.
In 2008, Summit Academy extended its services to include grades 7 through 9.  With the goal to continue the rigorous academic instruction the school is known for, and to prepare students for college success, Summit Academy High School opened its doors in 2010.
Answering the growing demand for quality education, Summit Academy opened the Independence K-8 campus in Bluffdale in 2014. A second Bluffdale campus was opened in 2016 for K-6.