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We are continuing to accept registration applications for select grades for 2018-2019.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Summit Academy's mission is to provide a rigorous educational environment based on the principles of high academic achievement and specialized instruction for the benefit of all students. 


  • Summit is a student-centered learning community based on the principles of safety and respect.
  • Summit Teachers are innovative, committed and motivated to provide quality professional instruction.
  • Parental involvement is important to the personal success of each student.
  • Summit's curriculum builds from year to year and specializes in core knowledge acquisition and application.  

Commitment to a High Academic Standard

Summit Academy students learn from proven curricula, including the OpenCourt Language Arts program and the Saxon Math and Go Math programs. Other core subjects are taught using the Core Knowledge Sequence. The instruction in each of these programs builds from year to year, allowing students to form a cohesive body of knowledge that prepares them well for future challenges.


What is taught at Summit Academy?

As a public school, Summit Academy teaches the standards and objectives of the Utah State Core Curriculum. However, we go beyond the state core minimums. We teach students a body of knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines. 

Summit's students are instructed in the following core disciplines - Language Arts, Math, History, Geography, and Science. Additional instruction is given in Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre, P.E., Health, Educational Technology and Library Media.

Summit Academy students are divided into small instructional groups according to their level of mastery in Language Arts and Math. Instructional groups may be as small as two students with a teacher or an instructor. All of our instructional groups are taught by certified teachers and/or paid part-time instructors who meet paraprofessional standards. Instructional groups are not labeled according to ability and the focus is on individual achievement and academic progression. 

Summit Academy values each child's unique personality and strengths. We also recognize that each student learns in his or her own way and we tailor our teaching to the individual learning styles of each child. Children may learn through language (Linguistic), logical procession (Mathematical / Logical), physical movement (Kinesthetic), music (Musical), human relationships (Interpersonal), introspective methods (Intrapersonal), and by exploring nature (Naturalist).* We teach by building on each student's previous experience and knowledge, and we make learning fun by providing experiences and activities that develop and enhance individual learning strengths, foster independence, and help students discover hidden potential and gain self-confidence.

*Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory.