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Public Charter School in Riverton

Are you happy with your children’s school? Do you think they’re getting the best education available in Riverton? If you think there are better options out there for your children, you’re right. Summit Academy, a public charter school with campuses in Draper and Bluffdale, provides the kind of quality education Riverton families are looking for.

Why Our Charter School Is Better

Summit Academy, founded in 2004 by parents just like you, has grown over the years and built a reputation for excellence at its charter high school, two middle schools and three elementary schools. Our students test above average in both reading and math.

Public charter schools must teach the same curriculum as other public schools in Utah — the difference is in how we teach it. We believe two factors account for a large part of our success — small class sizes and tracking students by ability.

Small class sizes allow our teachers to give more individual attention to each student. Students are not always comfortable asking questions in large groups, and often choose to muddle through their work instead of seeking help. This strategy rarely works, and they just fall further behind. With fewer students, our teachers have time to make sure students understand the concepts being taught and how to do the homework.

At our public charter school, we have found that tracking is helpful to all types of students. Students who take a little longer to learn don’t feel nervous or pressured when they can go at their own pace. And more advanced students aren’t bored or held back by slower learners — they’re allowed to move ahead to more challenging work.

Parents Are Our Partners

As a parent, you may not have always been welcomed with open arms at your child’s school in Riverton. But at our charter school, we think of parents as our partners in helping their children learn. We encourage parents to get involved in their children’s education, learning about the classes they’re taking, checking their homework and visiting the school from time to time to watch us work our magic.

We believe one of the reasons we have great compliance with our rules for students to show each other kindness and respect is because so many parents stress these values as well. We like to think we are all on the same side.

A Better Choice for Riverton Families

Your child spends a lot of time in school, and you want them to look forward to going rather than having it be a daily struggle. At Summit Academy, we work hard to make sure your child gets a quality education in a safe, nurturing environment.

If you are frustrated with your public school in Riverton or you are tired of paying money for private schools that don’t seem any better, it’s time to look at our public charter school. We pride ourselves on the difference we make in students’ lives.