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Top-Rated Charter School Near Sandy, Utah

Are your children getting the best education possible in the school they attend now? If not, there is a better option for Sandy students: Summit Academy. At Summit Academy, a public charter school for grades K-12 in Draper, we believe students deserve better than what they get from the traditional public education system, and that’s what we provide.

An Alternative to Ordinary

Summit Academy was founded in 2004 by local area parents who wanted something better for their children. In all these years, our school has continued to grow and we have expanded to three locations, with a charter high school, two middle schools and three elementary schools serving more than 1,000 students in the Sandy area.

One of the secrets to our success (our students test above average in both reading and math) is our small class sizes. Students often feel lost in large classes. They’re afraid to ask questions for fear others will laugh at them, so they do their best to get by on their own. That rarely works well, but those same students thrive in smaller groups where they can get more individual attention.

Small class sizes are better for all types of students, including those who may have attention issues, those with atypical learning styles and those with diagnosed disabilities. It’s heartbreaking when students like this don’t get what they need from their school and are branded by teachers and other students as unable or unwilling to learn. An experience like that can affect the entire trajectory of a child’s life.

We also track our students by ability. Being grouped with others on the same level helps all students, because those who take longer to learn don’t feel left behind, and advanced students are challenged by a faster pace and a more rigorous curriculum.

Our Charter School Welcomes Parents

Your child may have attended schools in Sandy in which parents were discouraged from being an active part of their child’s education. At our public charter school, we think that is a big mistake. Parents are an integral part of their children’s education.

We encourage parents to inform themselves about what their children are learning, check homework and come in to visit our school and see us in action. You might even pick up some good tips and tricks for managing and motivating your children!

A Better Education for Sandy Students

At our public charter school, one of our priorities is to teach students to treat each other with respect and kindness. We don’t tolerate any bullying — we cultivate a peaceful, safe, enjoyable environment. Some parents tell us that their children used to have trouble making friends, but they find it easier to do so here.

If you are interested in learning more about our charter school, contact us to make an appointment. Our campus is mere minutes away from Sandy, making it a quick and convenient drive for parents. Now is the time to ensure your children get the education they deserve. Come to Summit Academy, and watch your child blossom.