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Public Charter School in South Jordan

Is your child struggling in their local South Jordan public school? Are they not getting the individual attention they need to succeed at school? Come visit Summit Academy, a K-12 public charter school in Draper, only 15 minutes from South Jordan.

Revered Charter School

Summit Academy was founded in 2004 and in its near-two decades of operation, has grown to three locations with well over 1,000 students. We operate a charter high school, two South Jordan middle schools and three elementary schools with campuses in Draper and Bluffdale. The reputation our South Jordan middle school has for getting results is what makes our charter school a draw for students from South Jordan and the surrounding areas.

The numbers show that the students at our charter school score above average in reading and math. We attribute those scores to our talented, dedicated teachers and to our small class sizes.

At our public charter school, we track students by ability, so no student ever feels lost or bored. By teaching small groups of students who are all on the same level, we are able to achieve what other schools cannot.

Whether their children are struggling or excelling, parents praise our teachers for the time they take to provide the individual attention students need. Many students who had been doing poorly at their previous school blossom when they come to Summit Academy.

Students and parents also love how we foster a sense of community in our South Jordan charter school, emphasizing safety and respect. Students who have had a hard time making friends find it easier here, where we do not tolerate bullying behavior.

Parental Involvement

At Summit Academy, we believe that children’s success is rooted in parental support and involvement. Summit parents appreciate how our teachers hold students to a high standard, teaching them the important core concepts they need to get into a good college and go on to rewarding and lucrative careers.

While other public schools may not expect as much parental involvement as we do at Summit, the truth is that parents of advanced students or special needs students at those schools end up spending far more time giving their children the individual attention they need but do not get at typical public schools.

At Summit, we encourage parents to stay informed about what their children are learning, check homework and visit the school from time to time so they are familiar with our school’s environment and the atmosphere we create for learning.

A Better Choice for South Jordan Families

Many parents in South Jordan and the surrounding area who previously sent their children to private middle schools have switched and enrolled their children in Summit Academy. If your children aren’t getting the type of education you want for them in the school they are in now — whether public or private — make an appointment to come visit our public charter South Jordan middle school. We think you will like what you see.