Operations » Attendance


Summit Academy is committed to providing a quality education for every student and recognize that regular student attendance is essential to the instructional process. Students learn the value of being punctual, present, and prepared. Frequent absences of students from the day-to-day classroom disrupts the instructional process and make it difficult for the student to receive maximum benefit from their educational experience. Also, frequent absences and tardiness prove disruptive for students, teachers, and staff. Excessive absences may lead to a student's permanent dismissal from Summit Academy.

Parents/guardians are expected to take a proactive role in ensuring their children attend school. We recommend families plan their vacations around the Summit Academy calendar. Medical and dental appointments should take place outside of school hours if possible. Parents should notify the school in advance of any absence. Parents/guardians and students are responsible for obtaining homework or assignments for the time period which the student is absent.

Summit Academy will seek to accurately monitor and record attendance information, annually review attendance data, and consider revisions to the policy to encourage student attendance. This policy will be provided to parents/guardians annually and will be available for review by parents or interested parties.