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Welcome to Summit Academy Coaching
Our instructional coaching program connects teachers and provides resources that will directly impact classroom teaching and student learning.  New teachers are more likely to succeed with guidance from a more experienced teacher.  Likewise, experienced teachers can continue to grow with a colleague who can offer different perspectives and approaches.
Summit Academy's coaching team works with new and experienced teachers through conferencing, modeling, observing, and providing feedback - all focused on improving student learning.
Grade-Level Supports Instructional Coach
K-3 Specialist Melanie Kunz (All Campuses)
4-6 Specialist
Victoria Jenkins (All Campuses)
7-8 Specialists
Alana Johnson (Draper)
Breanna Murdock (Draper & Independence)
9-12 Support Scott Pettit (SAHS)
Teachers also benefit from working with their grade-level and content teams in professional learning communities (PLCs).  Teams support student growth through data-driven decision-making and collaboration on lesson planning, classroom procedures, assessments, and seeking out and implementing feedback.
Utah Educator Licensing Links
Summit Academy School APPEL Program
Summit Academy Schools conducts an Alternate Pathway to Professional Educator License (APPEL) program approved through the Utah State Board of Education. Our APPEL program supports teachers as they strengthen their instructional skills and further develop educator dispositions. The goal of the APPEL program is to provide feedback, resources, and scaffolding to help educators meet requirements for a Professional Educator License. APPEL candidates at our schools must be instructional employees and make regular progress as outlined in their individualized professional learning plan.
Contact Information

Alana Johnson - APPEL Program Director





Capture your learning!

Thanks to the STEM Action Center Professional Learning Grant we have developed a robust program of teacher collaboration. We utilize Swivl robots and Canvas collaboration to share teaching and provide peer coaching. Teachers record their instruction and receive feedback from a colleague. This opportunity for reflection grows teacher capacity and collaboration across our schools.


108 Educators are improving their practice through this program in 2020-21.


2021-2022 Professional Learning Grant Contacts:

Bluffdale - Jenni Hathaway

Draper - Aimee Rohling

Independence - Janalie Youngblood

SAHS - Kelly Jones


Teacher testimonials:

"Using the Swivls has been a very easy and much improved method of recording teaching in the classroom.  The app has a quick walk-through which gives a quick concise idea of what it is capable of. Set-up took no longer than a minute and I was ready to roll. I love being able to start the recording by pressing the button on the device around your neck. It is a very unobtrusive way to start a recording without the students' attention going to the recording device. This gives you a very natural start and finish to your videos that get right to the teaching moment. Definitely worth giving it a try!" - JH Music Teacher

"Recording your teaching is never a comfortable experience. Especially when we are asked to share that teaching with a coworker. Thankfully, I have been able to share my recordings with teachers and coaches that I trust. The feedback that I receive from them is so valuable. They see things that I might have missed and they give praise with things that I might take for granted in my classroom. I have also implemented ideas from watching their teaching as well. Participating in the incentive program has helped me realize that what goes on in my classroom (the good, the bad, and the ugly) is normal. It helps me take some of the pressure I put on myself." - 3rd Grade Teacher


"The Swivl worked really well in my classroom. It lends itself to an easy/user-friendly setup and it only took me a few minutes to figure it out. The Swivl app and website made it easy to watch my lesson again in order to reflect on my teaching. My only tip would be to put it in a place where it won’t be as noticeable for the students—the “robot” was a little distracting for some." - JH ELA Teacher