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We are continuing to accept registration applications for select grades for 2018-2019.

Teacher Development

Welcome to Summit Academy Coaching
Our coaching program connects teachers and provides resources that will directly impact classroom teaching and student learning.  New teachers are more likely to succeed with guidance from a more experienced teacher.  Likewise, experienced teachers can continue to grow with a colleague with different perspectives and approaches.
Mission Statement:  
Summit Academy Schools have a district coaching team that works with new and experienced teachers through conferencing, modeling, observing, and providing feedback in order to improve student learning.  
HLOL4ES = High Levels of Learning for Every Student
Jana Richards - Teaching and Learning Coordinator
Alana Johnson - Draper Learning Coach (Staff Website) Email
Cathy Trane - K-5 Learning Coach
Breanna Murdock - 6-8 Learning Coach
Bluffdale Draper   Independence High School
Jana Richards
Cathy Trane
Breanna Murdock
Alana Johnson
Cathy Trane
Breanna Murdock
Jana Richards
Cathy Trane
Breanna Murdock
Jana Richards
Breanna Murdock
Teachers also benefit from working with their grade level teams.  Grade teams provide support with lesson planning, classroom procedures, assessments, and seeking out and implementing feedback from our community stakeholders.
What is TIPS Training?
TIPS training is the new teacher induction program at Summit Academy.  This program is designed to support level one teachers and those new to our schools.  When paired with mentoring and coaching, our TIPS trainings should help provide support for teachers as they create a strong learning atmosphere in their classrooms.
2017-2018 Focus:  Assessment Driven Instruction           
Mentor Texts:  Understanding by Design by Grant Wiggins & Jay McTighe
                         The First Days of School by Harry Wong
Teachers, please feel free to contact your learning coach or principals with any questions. Please see the schedule below for upcoming dates.
2017-2018 TIPS Training Video & Notes
August (New Teacher Training)
    Click here for the New Teach Training Packet from August 15, 2017.
September TIPS Resources
1. The Three stages of Backward Design: pgs. 17-33 in Understanding by Design (See side panel for scanned pdf file)
February TIPS Resources
    Portfolio Presentation (with instructions for next steps)
    Depth of Knowledge Resources
2016-2017 TIPS Training Video & Notes
September TIPS Assignment:
   1. Choose a chapter to read from Unit C - Classroom Management in Harry Wong's The First Days of School.
   2. Join the TIPS group on Edivate for your school.  Quick Links: Bluffdale, Draper, Independence, High School
   3. Respond to the discussion found in the Forums section with important ideas or your favorite passage from your reading.
   4. Comment and respond to your colleagues' posts.
October TIPS Resources:
   2. Edivate Group Discussion & Consistency Video (Elementary, Secondary)
   3. New Teacher Phases - What does a surviving student look like?
   4. Addressing Behavior - Powerpoint
   5. Behavior Support Handouts (see resources below)
December TIPS Resources: Scheduled the first two weeks of December.
1. Characteristics of a Well-Managed Classroom - Slide Presentation
2. December Starter and Procedure Reinforcement
4. December Learning Walk 
January TIPS Resources:
2. Implementing Characteristics of a Well-Managed Classroom - Slide Presentation
3. Complete two January Learning Walks on Edivate
4. Using Choices to Prevent Power Struggles (see attached below)
5. The Strategic Use of Choices (see attached below)
February TIPS Resources: 
1. Portfolio Clinic - Slide Presentation
Additional documents can be found on the top right of this website.
May TIPS Resources:


Capture your learning!

Thanks to the STEM Action Center Professional Learning Grant we now have Swivl robots available for teachers to begin capturing their teaching. You can learn from your own teacher and/or share with your colleagues.


Teacher testimonials:

"Using the Swivls has been a very easy and much improved method of recording teaching in the classroom.  The app has a quick walk-through which gives a quick concise idea of what it is capable of. Set-up took no longer than a minute and I was ready to roll. I love being able to start the recording by pressing the button on the device around your neck. It is a very unobtrusive way to start a recording without the students' attention going to the recording device. This gives you a very natural start and finish to your videos that get right to the teaching moment. Definitely worth giving it a try!" - Alan Larson, Draper Music Teacher


"The Swivl worked really well in my classroom. It lends itself to easy/user-friendly set up and it only took me a few minutes to figure it out. The Swivl app and website made it easy to watch my lesson again in order to reflect on my teaching. My only tip would be to put it in a place where it won’t be as noticeable for the students—the “robot” was a little distracting for some." - Bre Murdock, Draper ELA Teacher

Please see attached instructions.

Praxis PLT II Test Overview
Utah Education Network - Professional Development
Understanding by Design scanned files:
1. The Three stages of Backward Design: pgs. 17-33