How Your Child Can Benefit from Summit Academy

More families are currently seeking to take advantage of school choice, and a growing number of education options have become available for students of all ages. Instead of being limited to their local public school or an expensive private school, families can now explore a wide variety of schooling options including charter schools that provide parents an opportunity to give their child access to an excellent, tuition-free education.

At Summit Academy, our mission is to excite a student’s desire to learn and succeed now and in the future. Our dynamic student-teacher-family community sees each student as a whole person and together creates a challenging individualized educational journey toward intellectual success and personal well-being. We strive to provide students with individual success and academic excellence.

Flexibility and Freedom for Students

Charter schools have unique freedom and flexibility not found in public school districts, which often allows them to dedicate increased resources and energy on supporting students in excelling academic standards. The increased flexibility makes it possible for many charter schools to specialize in specific areas such as art, music, science, or technology.

Charter Schools Provide a More Rigorous Curriculum

Charter schools do have significant freedom in curriculum design and management, but they are actually held to a higher standard than traditional public schools. The Summit Academy Charter Schools' curriculum is patterned on highly successful, strong academic focus, elemental skills development, and uses a direct instruction teaching. Skills are taught so students have a clear understanding of how to read, write, calculate, and problem solve.

Smaller Class Sizes and Individualized Support Help Students Thrive

The majority of charter schools provide students with the valuable benefit of smaller class sizes. Every student at Summit Academy receives the nurturing and tools they need to meet and exceed their academic goals.

Enroll Your Child at Summit Academy

When you’re searching for schools in Utah’s Wasatch Front, consider Summit Academy. For more information, call (801) 572-9007. Here is a link to our Enrollment Policy:

Summit Academy Enrollment Policy