Helping Your Middle Schooler Prep for a Dance

Social events tend to be a big deal for many middle schoolers, especially around their peers, and one great example is any kind of dance or formal event held at school. Especially with spring formals or even graduation events coming up quickly on the schedule, many middle schoolers are thinking about how to prep for an upcoming dance - and parents can be a big help here.

At Summit Academy, we're happy to offer numerous resources to students and parents alike in Lehi, Herriman and other parts of Utah - even including many outside our charter school classrooms, such as school meal menus, bus schedules and more. Here are some basic ways parents can help their middle schoolers prep for an upcoming dance and have a great time.

Learn the Theme or Motif in Advance

Most dances will have a theme or motif, and many middle schoolers may want to dress up accordingly. Help your child pick out an outfit that fits the theme while also being appropriate for their age level - if in doubt, you can always check with school administrators ahead of time.

Be sure to check into any other rules or regulations the school may have in place for the event, such as no outside food or drinks.

Be Sure to Follow the Dress Code

Depending on the school, there may be a strict dress code for dances - research this ahead of time and ensure that your child follows it. This can help them avoid any embarrassment or unpleasantness at the dance, while being respectful to all other attendees.

In many cases, students will simply be sent home if they do not follow the dress code. This is what makes it so important to research the dress code ahead of time.

Help Your Child With Dance Selection

It's a simple reality: At middle school age, many kids just haven't developed the skills to dance in public! To start, take some time with your child and practice basic dancing styles or movements such as slow dancing.

Additionally, research any possible line dances ahead of time - these are often fun for middle schoolers and can help them feel much more comfortable on the dance floor. Finally, encourage your child to have fun and don't put too much pressure on them - it's just a dance, after all!

Be There to Support Your Child Beforehand

Especially if this is your child's first dance or formal event, you'll want to be with them and have dinner beforehand. This can help your child feel more secure and give them a chance to chat about the dance with you.

If possible, pick out a spot nearby the venue and exchange contact information in case of any issues - this will provide peace of mind for both you and your child.

Consider Chaperone Volunteering

Most middle school dances need adult chaperones to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Volunteering as a chaperone can be a great way to support your middle schooler while getting an inside look into their social life - and you'll also get the chance to meet other parents in the process.

Now, this is something you should discuss with your child before making this decision. Some middle schoolers may not want their parents attending their dance, and you should respect that.

Are There Any Costs?

As you go about prepping for your middle schooler's upcoming dance, be sure to look into any fees and/or costs associated with the event. Prices can vary depending on the venue, so it's best to research this beforehand.

Most schools will have information about the cost of tickets and any other related fees available online or through their administration office - if you're uncertain about anything, don't hesitate to ask for clarification.

Expectations and Rules

Finally, be sure to talk with your child about any expectations and/or rules they may have regarding the dance. This can help ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.

This should include not just the school's own set of rules, but also your own basic expectations - such as no drinking, drugs, or any other inappropriate behavior.

By proactively setting expectations with your child ahead of time and having an open discussion about the event, you can help make their upcoming dance a memorable experience that they'll look back on fondly. With the right preparation and guidance from parents, middle schoolers can enjoy a fun and safe night of dancing with their peers.

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