Advice for Graduating Seniors: Growth, Family Support, College

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some simple themes that high school seniors who are in the process of graduating in the very near future should be keeping in mind as they start the next chapter of their life. Whether students plan to head to college immediately or take any other path, this is a major transition period in their lives to put some serious thought into. 

At Summit Academy, we take numerous steps to prepare our high school students for the next step in their lives, through everything from strong testing and assessment programs to college prep, counselor resources and much more. What are some other general pieces of advice we offer to outgoing seniors, both in broad and specific areas? Here are a few.

Focus on Self-Improvement and Growth

No matter which route you take following high school graduation, the most important thing you can do is focus on self-improvement and personal growth. Whether that means taking a gap year to travel or volunteer, enrolling in college classes to get ahead faster or working to improve your grades before enrollment, always make sure you are growing as an individual person and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Of course, this doesn't mean you have to be constantly pushing yourself physically or mentally. If you need time to relax and recharge your batteries after finals, give yourself permission to do so. But as much as possible, always be thinking about what you can do better today than yesterday, and how you can push yourself tomorrow in order to improve yourself.

Utilize Family for Support

For those who are able, it can be extremely helpful to utilize family members for support as you make this transition. If your parents or guardians are able, they may be able to help you with things like housing, transportation and other logistics as you get started on your next journey.

If you have older siblings or cousins who have already gone through this process, they can also be a valuable resource. Ask them about their experiences and get their advice on everything from choosing a college to studying for exams.

Prepare Yourself for the College Experience

If you've decided your next move after high school is going to be college, you should prepare yourself for the experience as much as possible. This means more than just taking your high school classes and trying to earn good grades - it also means exploring extracurriculars, joining clubs, finding volunteer opportunities and doing everything you can to get involved on campus.

The idea is that attending college should be less like a classroom environment and more like a total learning experience that lets you grow as both an individual and a student.

For more tips to outgoing high school seniors on how to succeed in their next life steps, or to learn about any of our charter high school or middle school programs, speak to the staff at Summit Academy today.