What would I want my kids to know?

If I could turn back the clock and raise my kids again, what would I want them to know?

I think the number one thing on that list is for them to know is to love themselves. They need to know who they are in life and how important they are to society.

I would also want them to think of others. My mother always taught me to “treat others, as you would want them to treat you” This statement would get them far in life and help develop them to become the person they need to be.

Get an education and learn to enjoy learning. Education is probably one of the most important aspects in life. Picking the right school for them is key to making sure they learn and grow.

Choose the right friends. Say no more.  Friends have the most impact in your child’s life than what you would want to admit.

Get involved with a sport or activity that they love and develop it. This is something that gives each child confidence as they grow.

Give back to society. Whether it be donating time to that charity or getting involved with a worthy cause, it allows them to think of others besides themselves.

The list is endless really, but more important than all of these, let them know that they are loved – Period. A child needs to grow up knowing that they are the most important thing to a parent.