Point your Child in the Right Direction

At Summit Academy, we do just that. Giving your preschooler the right tools to start off their education is the most important thing you can do.

From ages 4-12, your child will go through several child development stages as he or she works to develop a personal identity while discovering his or her role and purpose in the world.

At Summit Academy, we work with each student in all areas of learning – Top of the list is Socialization skills. This is something that we know will be part of everyone’s make up and is essential to succeeding in life.

We work on Emotional Intelligence development as well as language development – which covers not only what is spoken, but what is written and what is read.

Summit Academy works with math through hands on materials as well as practical development of life skills.

We work with our children to establish independence and help steer them in the right direction for their education.

Our student’s education is very important to us here at Summit Academy. We take it upon us to work hard and help improve your student’s education.

From the very beginning of Pre-School to all the way through our High School, your student is important to us.

Summit Academy servers the south Valley including Sandy, Draper, Bluffdale, Riverton and many other surrounding area’s too.