Helping Sandy Charter High School Students Prepare for College

The high school years are valuable to students for a number of reasons, and one of the most important in many cases is preparing them for the next step: College. From the impact of grades and other factors on college admission likelihood to the numerous ways in which high school studies prepare teens for the rigors of the university experience, there are several notable areas to think about here.

At Summit Academy, we're proud to offer a number of Sandy charter school services that are conducive to college preparation themes, from our strong curriculum to a fantastic staff that's helped a number of students in numerous college-related areas. What are some tips we recommend to parents on how to help your teen ready themselves for college? Here are a few.

Building Healthy Study Habits

While teens have resources like you (their parents) and several others during their high school years, the college experience is much more independent -- and they need to be ready for that. One of the best ways to help your teen is to encourage healthy study habits from an early age, and continue reinforcing these habits as they get closer to college age.

This means things like establishing a regular homework routine, setting aside specific times each day or week for studying, and breaking down large tasks into manageable chunks. It also includes taking breaks and allowing time for other activities, as well as maintaining a positive attitude towards studying and school in general.

Encouraging Extracurricular Activities

Among the largest factors in college admissions, at least outside raw GPA and test scores: Extracurricular activities. Whether it's student government, community service organizations like the Peace Corps and Volunteers of America, or any one of a number of other excellent opportunities, you can help your teen gain valuable skills and experiences through extracurriculars.

In addition to showing leadership abilities and demonstrating perseverance, these activities also give teens something to talk about during common application personal statement writing. Some students even opt to turn these extracurricular activities into college credit through internships, study abroad experiences, and the like.

Visit College Campuses

If your teen is moving forward with the college admissions process and has narrowed down their school choices, a great way to help them prepare is to visit the campuses. This not only lets your teen see if they feel comfortable on campus and if it has the program they're looking for, but it also gives them an idea of what to expect in terms of the college lifestyle.

Campus visits can also help teens get a better idea of what factors are the most important to them. Do they need a high-powered football team? Is professional networking important? What about living in an urban or rural area? With this knowledge under their belt, your teen will be able to more accurately pick schools that suit their needs.

For more on how to help charter school students in all their college prep and related areas, or to learn about any of our charter school programs or services in Sandy, speak to the staff at Summit Academy today.