Are Charter Schools worth checking into?

The answer to this question is a simple – YES

One of the main advantages of your student going to a charter school is the size of the class. Being able to serve fewer students and offering smaller class sizes than regular public schools allow your student to succeed and be successful.

A parent from a charter school said it best, “I love it when my child comes home and tells me that he enjoyed school and the teacher spent extra time to go over something that was hard to grasp, makes me happy.”

Some charter schools cater to specific populations, such as students who are interested in the arts or those with learning or behavioral challenges. Others offer a thematic or specialized curriculum.

Charters are more likely to be found in urban areas and are three times as likely to be in big cities. Some charter schools have more than one location so the opportunity of having success is even greater for them. One of these schools that fits all the right criteria is Summit Academy School, with four locations. Students enrolling from areas such as Draper, Sandy, Bluffdale, South Jordan, West Jordan, Lehi, Murray and even as far as Salt Lake.