Why Charter Schools?

Whether you consider charter schools a welcome alternative to underperforming public schools there’s no denying their growing popularity in the United States. The first charter school opened in 1992 in St. Paul, Minn., and now nearly 4,600 can be found in 40 states.

Charter schools provide alternatives to a traditional public school. Students can enroll in a charter instead of a school assigned by their local school district. Parents can choose any charter school in their district or even outside of it, depending on the state, regardless of where the school is located.

The degree of freedom a charter school enjoys varies greatly by state — charters face many of the same rules as regular schools. In others they may be free to create their own curriculum. Because charter schools are generally granted more flexibility than regular schools, advocates argue that charters can develop more innovative programs. They are accountable to their authorizers for results but are free to try different ways of helping students achieve at higher levels. This has been proven that the students excel because of the different programs that charter schools offer.

Summit Academy is one of these great schools we are talking about. With four locations and opportunity to enroll from the Draper, Bluffdale, Sandy, and South Jordan community, this school is thriving. In the past, they have been full, but just recently, they have been expanded and hired more teachers to allow them to take on more students. But hurry, who knows how long they will be able to do this. Already, they are finding that students are coming from other towns in Utah like - Lehi, Murray, West Jordan and even some from downtown Salt Lake City.