Schools – Do we still need education?

I was sat in a restaurant the other day, and I was overhearing a group of teenage kids talking about what they wanted to be when they grew up. One of the kids said that he wanted to work with his dad building houses and that it might be the only way he would ever afford one for himself. Another boy said that he wanted to fix cars. Another wanted to write computer games. All of them had a dream. A dream of becoming someone in their adulthood.

I was thinking about their conversations and wondered if there still is a need for school? If you talk to most kids these days, they will tell you that school was a waste of time. They don’t feel like they learn anything anymore, at least in a traditional school. They are just biding their time to get out of there.

My thoughts are this. Whether a kid wants to build homes, mend cars, or program computers, whatever it may be, they still need to know the equation of mathematics, probably technology and the science of it all. You don’t just wake up one morning and know how to do those jobs. It is with great training, hard work, perseverance and a commitment to better oneself, so the future can look bright.

Traditional school might not be for everyone, but I believe Charter schools can get a student ready for the future. With smaller classes and one on one attention, Kids are learning and liking it too. They get to use their brain more often, to try new things and to experience what the future can hold for them.

Utah has several good Charter Schools open for enrollment. I have found Summit Academy School to be one of the best schools that serves Draper, Bluffdale, Sandy, South Jordan, Lehi area. Summit Academy helps students achieve academic excellence and prepares their students for the future and help dreams come true.

Summit Academy is a tuition-free charter school.