How Charter School Parents Can Support their Children

There are several factors that play a major role in quality of education and school programs for high schoolers and many other schoolchildren, and the involvement of parents is high on any such list. Parents should take an active involvement in their child's education in a few basic ways, from supporting them in their studies to several other potential areas as they move through their curriculum. 

At Summit Academy, we proudly encourage parent participation and activity in numerous charter school programs and services we offer. Our board is made up of many of our students' parents, and even if you're not on any board or committee, there are numerous ways we promote parental involvement. When it comes to your support of your child from the home front, what are some of the simplest ways you can serve as a positive resource to help them through their studies? Here's a primer.

Attending Required/Recommended Conferences and Events

Whether it's a parent-teacher conference or some other event where parents are involved in any way, showing up to these things shows that you care, that you're interested in how your child is doing in school, and about their interests. In addition, it's a chance to get an inside peek into the world of education beyond what your children are telling you about their classes or homework or whatever else might be bothering them.

Plus, this is one of the most crucial ways you can be of assistance to your children in their studies, because you'll get a lot more out of school if you're involved in it than when they are all alone. If everyone is informed, both the students and the teachers benefit greatly.

Encourage Extracurriculars

Parents also play a major role in helping their children explore their additional interests outside of the classroom. If your child is struggling in a particular subject, encourage them to enroll in something outside of school-related to their interests.

Whether it's an arts class at a local community center or starting up a robotics club in your garage, extracurricular activities create both a tremendous amount of engagement and teach children valuable life lessons that will help them moving forward -- and of course, they look good on the college application, as well! While you should obviously stop short of forcing your child into something they don't want to do, look for positive ways to steer them toward helpful activities.

Simple Day-to-Day Tasks

Finally, many kids and teenagers will simply appreciate having your support in simple areas like homework, household chores, and other regular tasks. Even if your child is old enough to be largely independent, they can still benefit from a little bit of help here and there. You can ask them about their day and look to engage them in this manner, as well; no one is talking about "coddling" them, per se, but rather lending quality support while also allowing them to carve their own independent path.

For more on the supportive role parents should play in their child's education, or to learn about any of our public charter school programs throughout Utah, speak to the staff at Summit Academy today.